Ron Paul Wins C-Pac Straw Poll & Glenn Beck Gets Scolded By Bill Bennett

Ron Paul gets it, he will never get the Republican nomination, but he gets it. The reason the other RINO’S attack him are obvious. He is a true fiscal conservative that tells it like it is, He recently won the straw poll  that was held by C-PAC, Mitt Romney came in second followed by Palin, Pawlenty,Pence,with Gingrich and Huckabee  in a tied

Beck is keeping the republicans on their toes, I personally like that. I would like him to cut down on the foolishness, but I”m not going to hold my breath. I don’t care too much as for the republicans to be complaining about Beck, especially Mr.”Virtues” Bill Bennett who during the late 90’s would come out as a guest on “Focus On The Family”, only then to be exposed for the hypocrite that he is with his gambling problem. So I place him in my list of Republicans that are only looking out for their own interest. I blame the so-called conservatives that allowed our country to go to the Democrats in 2006-08. if they would have done their jobs we wouldn’t find ourselves With Obama now as president.

Beck has hit the Obama administration harder than any of our elected Republicans in Washington, he has called them out on his television show quite effectively, more so than anyone out there including Rush and Hannity. And for anyone to deny that, they are just kidding themselves. We might not like his childish and foolish behavior, but he has a large following and he is doing what other are not. So I say, let Beck be Beck, and if in the process the RINO”s don’t get re-elected that is fine by me. I rather see someone who is a true conservative not just in words, but in deeds. Then continue to have the nonsense that we seen from the Republicans in the last decade.


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